Doodles. A way out of anxiety. A way into creativity

I started doodling when I was 15 … It was compulsive. All the pages at the back of my notebooks were doodles.
After a while my class mates wanted me to doodle for them.
I was pleasantly surprised.


It is no longer taboo that throughout my life I had to sit down and talk to Little Miss Depression and her older sister, Anxiety. Putting pen on paper and letting things have their way calmed me.


I never learned how to draw properly. Never developed any technique. I just do it so I can get a sense of peace.
Doing something without a particular goal can have a beautiful effect on your soul.

You get a sense of a  place where you don’t have to prove anything, don’t need to fit in a frame, simply letting it flow.

Curiously enough, it is when you don’t set your mind up to be original and you just let go,  that creativity rains out of you as if you were a cloud transforming into rain drops.

Originality is a big concept. Sometimes overlapping with perfectionism.
Creativity oftentimes comes in small joyful bites.


Doodling is just one way to be present with your inner child who’s playing with a stick, unapologetically and with no apparent reason.
But isn’t joy a good reason to do things?