Takeaway Husband

DSC_0940I have no sit on this train
I squat on this dirty floor.

I put my take away dreams on the side.
That way I can postpone their pursuit forever
Or until they will go off like fish,
Rotting away in my soul’s fridge.

I look up – there’s a Match dot com add
I have a future husband already , I say.
I picked him up in a rush like one puts an item in an online basket.
He cries at the back of my mind tangled up in miscellaneous thoughts.

My womb is hurting from imagined abortions .
Jealousy gnaws at my putrefied soul.

Death cajoles my tired self.
The tramps tell me they like my shoes.
I don’t, my future husband likes them…

Still, I have no sit on this train…
I’ll get off and get the next one
That way I can postpone the arrival
To that somewhere I don’t want to reach.


Author: My Little Incredible Life

Interested in the mind, the soul and how them two get on. I will try and explore a few experiences, some good some bad, some mine, some other's but I will write with honesty and truthfulness

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