After Pecan Pie Question

“When tears gather up hurriedly up into your eyes-
Like platelets in their quest to seal a wound-
Is it because it is unbearably beautiful
This salty show we’re living in and watch?”
“Maybe…” said the strange Angel
“Or maybe not’ she continued with an ironic smile

“Tears must be free
They befriend your eyelids with gentleness
Their soft courage never harms-

I wish I cried sometimes-it’s a beautiful thing…”
She looked at the crumbs from the pecan pie and bitterly smiled
“Don’t leave them behind! When you become spirit
You’ll yearn for pecan pie sweetness and tears saltiness”

She looked like she was going to cry but didn’t!
All too ethereal for material tears

Is it because it’s unbearably beautiful
The salty show they’re living in and watch?



Author: My Little Incredible Life

Interested in the mind, the soul and how them two get on. I will try and explore a few experiences, some good some bad, some mine, some other's but I will write with honesty and truthfulness

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