Spring Stings with Joy


Spring stings with joy

my wounded prison.




No one can un-love 

the love they made way for 

through the funnel of their being

to come towards you

Your voice was raspy and prickly

like the stubble on my skin.

It continued after a velvet droplet of silence

Love can’t be given or taken

It can just be

I love you

I am you

I wound you

I hurt.

That’s what you said

all sleepy with pleasure

The summer heating the city like an oven

while we drank the cool water of hope.

You melted all my fears that day

I couldn’t  hold on to them

And as we softened in our embrace

we betrayed all of our fears

even the ones that shaped us

in this imperfect way

we came to know each other

and loved.

It is so cruel to bid farewell

My ghost bleeds into everything

As Spring gains a reddish hue

As if the sun had been stabbed

by the moon


Author: My Little Incredible Life

Interested in the mind, the soul and how them two get on. I will try and explore a few experiences, some good some bad, some mine, some other's but I will write with honesty and truthfulness

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