Dear World Citizen


This is an open letter from a Romanian citizen living abroad.

Like many of you there were times when I couldn’t believe in the power of the many and specifically my own people.

Many of us are taught that there are a few people that are corrupt politicians and they are going to make your life hell and you’re just going to get on with it. Little do they know that the more they abuse us, the more people will rise.

In 2014, I wanted to vote in London for the presidential elections. I couldn’t. There were protests all over the country and in the Diaspora. I felt then, that I am part of a whole community. For the first time in my life I was PROUD to be Romanian.

Now, let’s analyse this pride. I can’t be proud because I was randomly born somewhere. That was nothing that I myself achieved. I was never proud of the big rulers of my country throughout history. It was their achievement. At the time I was a child and there were hardly any political leaders which could make us proud. They were a shame.

But I can be proud because of what I achieve and most especially I can be proud of what WE achieve. TOGHETHER. The simplest and most complex thing to master in our lives is TOGHETHERNESS.

And Today I am proud. We stand together. And in our hearts we are all winners!!! Every person who went out in the street these days can never undo their statement.

It is as if our people gained an award in mass.  The : “You can’t bullshit me!!! “ diploma. And we’re true professionals in this.

Andrei Gheorghe was asked by a journalist what would he change if he could in the Romanian society. He said :” Nothing!”

And when you look at those people, standing in the cold and defending their rights, their inmost truths, their history … I dare anyone to say something else.

A law passed by a government is not necessarily morally right!!! But people are not retarded. If someone legalises rape does that make it right? In Romania, they want to legalize theft. A whole country showed them the finger. The Middle One.

Today I am PROUD! I am proud to be a human being! And we should all defend out dignity! I was watching a documentary yesterday about other unfair governments. It happened everywhere in the world. It was the PEOPLE who changed things, together. Unfortunately many times paying a huge price. But for those the price of living in a lie was not worth paying. Ultimately the majority of people want the same things. Love, respect, recognition for their efforts, freedom, food, equality and justice are just a few of the universal wants.

Today I feel that Romanian people can be an example of solidarity for the world!

This is how Romanians stand for our rights! This is how we should all stand all over the world! The day when we understand that we are all ONE is the day when this world is going to become a better place. Every person acting courageously, anywhere on Earth has made a change for all of us, for our human dignity. Lots all love to you all! Stand with us!


Author: My Little Incredible Life

Interested in the mind, the soul and how them two get on. I will try and explore a few experiences, some good some bad, some mine, some other's but I will write with honesty and truthfulness

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