A Lover’s Imagined Thoughts

My Lover’s Imagined Monologue

Moto: the woman loves herself in different ways, depending of the way she is being looked at

Dewy city sights covered in the purple colour of dawn increases both her fear and starvation for my humbly offered affection.

I am trapped in a question by her mind that keeps on turning me over and under her uncertainty

The torture is bringing me close to her like a magnet

I’m just ascending to a better self with selfish demeanor.

I am her soul’s personal photographer

And , Lord, how her vanity shows when I capture some different expression she didn’t know about

But soon her anger of a spoiled princess fades when she lowers her head in regret.

You see, she’s one of those who get jealous with their own reflection.

She fails to notice that her middle name is Woman


Author: My Little Incredible Life

Interested in the mind, the soul and how them two get on. I will try and explore a few experiences, some good some bad, some mine, some other's but I will write with honesty and truthfulness

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