The Little Nobody

The Little Nobody.


The Little Nobody

Roxana is often seen as a little nobody and she likes that. She loves being the spectator of the world around her. Sometimes she interacts with her invented world and becomes an actress herself…believing in her roles so much that she’s performing all the time.

It ceased to be a surprise for the ones who know her,  seeing her making strangers laugh on the night bus by saying whatever passed through her mind, not seldom playing the fool in order to speak truthfully with a twist, wearing a weird outfit around the city just to see people’s reactions and so many others.

She realised with joy a while ago that each ordinary life bears something spectacular and that happiness is not only the comfortable sensation of having achieved something, but also the capacity of enjoying what one’s being left with after inevitable moments of distress.

She is now both a jester and a witness of a world that is being  shown to her in it’s rawness.

Doubt has become her only certainty because one can only find out more about the world when one deepens it’s mystery…
 She gave up ambitions and started having dreams instead. Whether that is because dreams sound more poetical, or they simply suit her nature better, I do not know yet.
Roxana decided to capture the beauty around her  in stories, like a photographer …..wanting to immortalize an epiphany.